I started construction of the Storm King module

when I had the opportunity to change scales and

switch from HOn3 to On30. With this opportunity

I wanted to try some different construction methods

that would result in a module that could be easily

moved and used either as part of a modular layout,

permanent layout or stand-alone display so that my

modeling would not be significantly  disrupted as

life tends to change from time to time.  I decided to

try lightweight materials that would provide the necessary strength for the track work and the scenery, yet still be easy to move.

I am blessed that my Mom and Dad are still alive and in good health.  With the NMRA Convention and National Train Show schedule for Portland in 2015, my goal was to have the module completed and on display at the National Train Show.  I thought it would be a great event to share with Mom and Dad.

I had started the module in 2013 and by 2014 I had the main lines that cross the module, the Walthers HO scale 90’ DCC turntable installed, had tried building several different styles of tall tree using different materials for the branches and installed a photo backdrop from Backdrop Warehouse.

On October 4th, 2014 my life changed, again, when I survived a stroke that affected my speech, balance and motor control of my left side.  I was very fortunate that the prognosis was that I would possibly make a complete recovery over the next year.  I did not try modeling again until January 2015,  About 75 percent of what was displayed on the module at the show was completed after January.

I am thankful for my family and friends that turned to and helped with my recovery.  In December, Mom sent Dad down from Alaska to keep an eye on me and encourage me to try modeling again.  It was done under the auspices of my teaching Dad how to use an air brush. I certainly showed him all the things not to do  - if it could go wrong it did likely because I was still not tracking well, so to speak.

In January I started working on the module again with the National Train Show as the goal; however, as late as July I was uncertain if I would reach the point where it could be displayed.  In the past I would not have considered displaying anything that was not 100% complete.  I was able to let go of that opinion and we went to Portland with Storm King incomplete, not operational and in some areas, the glue still  drying.  We had a very enjoyable time at the show meeting wonderful people and sharing the fun of the model railroading with others.

I am humbled and indebted for the love, care and

help generously given by the following family and 


Eleanor and Richard Allen (Mom and Dad)

​Dawn, Mark and RJ Alger (My Sister and  her 


Sherry Emerick

Jim Davis

Dr. Susan Crawford (My "Big Sister")

George Clark

Tom and Barb Armentrout

Bob Mester

Mark and Amy Bogden

JR and Jen Hughson

John Altheide

William and Megan Casperson

 ​Barb and Perry Lamb

Tyson Alger and Ali Vandergone

Thank you all! It would not have been possible without you.



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National Train Show 2015

Portland, Oregon.